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Green Energy for Compounds and Base Camps

Griffin People, KVA Diesel and Dan Church is working together in a pilot project to develop a container and modular energy system to camps a “Green Camp Energy System”, and a “Energy Saving System” for optimization of existing energy systems. The project will future more include the development of a sizing tool “TripleZero” who is able to design- and dimension a camp´s energy system on the basis of collected energy consumption in a camp and, climate zones etc.
The project is supported by The Danish Industry Foundation and Acces2innovation

The Danish Red Cross

Hybride Energy System for Base Camps

KVA Diesel, Griffin People and Danish Red Cross has developed a Hybrid Energy System for Base Camps. The system consists two generatores, a battery bank and power management system to optimize the fuel consumption.

Test has shown that the fuel savings is from 10 – 20 %. The system is portable and designed to be uset in a Red Cross Base Camp.

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The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO)

Coorperation on a development project on Future Camp Solutions for the Danish Army.

Griffin People is working together with the Danish military in a project: “From Waste to Water & Energy”.

The projects consist of several development areas which combined form a holistic waste management platform for handling both organic and inorganic waste with as much automation as possible, utilizing, a large part of the waste matter is accessible as separate components (kitchen waste, grey water, black water, solid organic, chemicals etc.) The project’s main activities are:

An overall concept development of a modular container-based system for processing a 500-person camp’s combined waste output.
The system shall have capabilities for providing drinking/technical water, reducing the camp’s output waste being bio waste, black and grey water, solid waste, infectious waste & toxic waste and metal into environmental friendly remains and with minimum of toxic and heavy metal slag residue.

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