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Off-grid energy solution by Griffin People & Green Camp Group

Green Camp Group and Griffin People is an international solution provider and intermediary company formed by a network of experienced industri leaders and public experts. Our customers are found in as varied industries as energy, environment, healthcare, agriculture, construction and governmental organisation.

Green Camp Group is a part of Griffin People and are working with Danish and international companies to develop, produce and deliver green off – grid solutions.

Our customer gets the optimal green Hybride Energy Solution, with at least 50% energy savings compared to regular power.

  • The customer reduces logistic costs.
  • The customer reduces the use of fossil fuels.
  • We offer a flexible and modular energy solution.
  • We offer a cooperation with professional and recognized international companies.

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Green Camp Benefits

Environmentally attractive

  • Primary energy source – Solar/Wind/Biogas
  • High efficient backup diesel generator

Financially attractive

  • Overall 25-50% reduction of power consumption
  • High efficient isolation of tents and containers
  • Local water supply and waste management

Operational attractive

  • Simple to operate
  • Intelligent energy management
  • Scalable using modular blocks
  • Minimum requirements for training


  • Offers a complete solution
  • Designs, dimensions and projects based on customers’ needs
  • Has the necessary knowledge of off- grid solutions in order to offer a full system solution
  • Has knowledge of Green Hybride Energy Solutions
  • Establishes a consortium/cooperation of relevant international companies to solve the task
  • Acts as project manager and takes full responsibility of project completion

Reference cases

The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO)

Coorperation on a development project on Future Camp Solutions for the Danish Army. Griffin People is working together with the Danish military in a new project: “From Waste to Water & Energy”. The scope is to produce biogas and electricity from Organic waste and Blackwater in camps, and use grey water to drinking water.

The Danish Red Cross – Hybride Energy System for Base Camps

KVA Diesel, Griffin People and Danish Red Cross has developed a Hybrid Energy System for Base Camps. The system consists two generatores, a battery bank and power management system to optimize the fuel consumption. Test has shown that the fuel savings is from 10 – 20 %. The system is portable and designed to be uset in a Red Cross Base Camp. 

NGO Compound i Kakuma refugee camp – Kenya

In coorperation with Acces2innovation and Danish NGO`s dimension and development a green energy system based on solar, wind and batteries to power a Compound with 300 persons. 

Nato Support Agency (NSPA)

Participation in NSPA green defence exhibitions and cooperation in developing the green military solutions of the future.

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