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Within security Griffin People and our domain partners develops complete solutions for maritime security, spanning from initial strategic analysis identifying required mission profiles for e.g.  a coast guard entity, specifying both on and off shore installations and equipment, training of operational center staff and ship crews within both seamanship and specific mission profiles including Special Forces.

The concepts include mission optimized logistic systems ensuring uninterrupted operation together with long life maintenance setup keeping total cost of ownership at a minimum.

Griffin People are similarly engaged in airspace and green border security, specifying and identifying possible equipment and service providers for complete packages to support air surveillance services and border control, with sustained logistic, training and maintenance.

Griffin People are through our partners engaged in civil security forces with analysis, development of concepts, identification of providers of equipment and services for e.g. traffic security and confined area surveillance and security.

Within each domain we further provide consultancy on strategic and tactical level.

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