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Green Camp

Optimization of energy consumption and desire for alternative energy resources is high on the agenda in many industries and sectors – including defense, FN and NGO’s.

Consulting and Design

Griffin People provides clients with a comprehensive „green solution“ to cover their needs for green, mobile and flexible
Camp solutions, aimed at significant reduction of energy consumption and minimize cost of transport and logistics as well as optimize service and operation of the camp.

The technical solutions include energy production by means of solar and wind generators with traditional fuel generators
as backup, efficient energy management, energy optimized residential and working areas with cooling and heating automation, water purification, waste handling.

The Concept

The core of the concept is the compilation of a digitized knowledge base around the consumption patterns in the camps by different climatic conditions, as well as the characteristics of the different elements/units forming part of a camp – both through the use of traditional, as well as environment-friendly technologies.

Link to Greencampgroup

Contact person

Bo Ulrik Andersen


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