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Network approach

Turnkey approach

Our scope is the entire process from feasibility analysis to delivery of a turnkey solution and post-delivery evaluation. Our No Cure, No Pay approach makes us a partner all the way through all phases of any project.

We go all the way

Our way of doing business with you as a customer is not the traditional way. We take a full step into the project and follow the project closely from the early design phase to the post project evaluation. Support in all phases is standard, but nothing else is. Our strength is our independence from any suppliers and we have our eyes on the entire value chain. We pave the way to local support through involvement early in any project and diminish foreseeable obstacles before they arise. Our country partners and their valuable insight into local conditions ensure that the solution will work in practice. The benefits of the project in the form of local workplaces and tax money are presented to the relevant stakeholders early to ensure their backup.

Our turn-key approach is possible since we are independent from any special interests and suppliers. We ensure the optimal solution in every step.

Griffin People are present from the earliest phase of any project and will accompany the process all the way through to any post-market activities.
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